ceramic + 1 gold star long necklace

White ceramic pearls, silkscreened gold letters,  one star in 18k yellow gold worked by a craftsman, discreetly signed with a tiny b for bbuble.

Precious jewelry of exceptional delicateness assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop.

The necklace is 48 cm long an pink gold 18 carats.

In addition to the letters of the alphabet, the following symbols are available: numbers from 0 to 9, +, -, =, É, &, , a dove, and a small cross. If you want +,-, =, É, or &, indicate this in the field "YOUR WORD". If you want a heart, dove or cross, indicate the word in parentheses. For example, to have the symbol , write (heart) in the field "YOUR WORD". 

275,00 €

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The price of the bracelet varies according to the number of pearls.