upcycled ankle bracelet JOYFULL

Our upcycled ankle bracelet is made from the stock of beads we have built up over the years... they are a bit like our "scraps" :)
Because we never do promotions, we decided to put this jewel at a soft price... they are a little bit our "pre-sales" to us :)
Each bracelet is different both in terms of the message (good vibes only) and the beads used (good quality only).

Close your eyes, imagine yourself in front of a dispenser with transparent balls containing each one a unique bracelet, click on "order", we slide the piece and we activate the wheel for you... that's it: your bracelet is there. We send it to you.

Each bracelet is handmade in our Parisian workshop.
The beads are mounted on an elasticated and therefore adjustable cord.

Please note that each bracelet is different (and very pretty!).

Warning: limited stock!

19,00 €