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After 3 years of making our personalized jewelry on Nayla's dining room table, we had to face the fact that Bbuble needed to expand!

We landed in the former offices of an inspiring entrepreneur, but again, as the collections, inventory and team grew, we quickly moved to the workshop in the heart of the 9th arrondissement where we are today.

More space certainly, but above all the opportunity to finally welcome you, to interact with you, to show you the backstage of our small company and our know-how....something we particularly wanted to do!

Here, a dozen people work full time: making, production, supply, reflection... Between the personalized orders on the spot and our production in the Philippines where some of our "ready-to-wear" jewels are made, we send nearly 200 orders to the 4 corners of the world (only that!) every week.

Nous vous accueillons les lundis, mardis, mercredis et vendredis de 9.30 à 17.00 au 59 rue Condorcet dans le 9ème arrondissement (de Paris). Code 3652A - Au fond de la cour à gauche.

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quand c’est unique :
Chaque modèle est personnalisable et fait sur mesure en France. Ainsi, chaque bracelet est différent et adapté à votre goût. Nous sommes aussi là pour rendre vos moments uniques. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour des demandes particulières.


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