CARRÉMENT DIVINE cellphone handle

Cubic pearls of all colors, golden writing, slightly regressive round pearls, a LIBERTY that vaguely recalls our childhood: here is the charming mix of our "CARRÉMENT DIVINE" telephone handle.

The cubic beads are in acrylic, the round wooden beads (the golden ones in brass), the small knot is in real LIBERTY.

A small golden moon and a pompom come to sign the jewel.

You can choose up to 4 words: they will be separated by a wooden bead. A small technical problem has arisen :) While waiting for it to be resolved, you can comment out the desired words (if you have more than 1).

The cellphone handle is attached with carabiners and adapts to all cases with rings.

The assembly is entirely carried out by hand in France

NB: the color of the letter beads is random. We will assemble them according to our tastes.
Please note that the hull is not sold with it.

45,00 €